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Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's Day is a time to remember the women who make life worth living

That's right, guys. You out there at your computers, surfing the interwebs, looking for the next big thing to blog about, you know you've been neglecting your women. Your mom, who bore you in her womb, your wives and your girlfriends, who put up with your crap and relentless obsession with politics and activism, and your beloved Mother Earth, who looks upon all your wastefulness with the sad eye of a mother whose lost control of her child to the dark forces of greed and progress.

Brothers, the time has come to lay down your arms and just reflect, for one day, on the goodness and grace of the women in your lives. These ladies, these radiant jewels, are the ones who held you when you were hurting, the ones who hugged you when you were lonely and despairing of the troubles and trials of daily life. These brilliant and hard-working women who struggled daily to put food on your table and clothes on your back, to get your kids to and from school every day, to help you with your homework and get you to work when the car was in the shop, brothers, now is the time to show these beautiful ladies just how much they mean to you. Pitch in, help out, give a little bit more than you're used to. Because she's worth it.

And all this week, when you find yourself in the presence of other kids' mothers, when you find yourself in conflict or conversation with women and girls from other families, in other situations, remember that each one of those women is cut from the same cloth, reflecting the beauty and the grace and the power and the strength of every woman who has ever lived and died and struggled for recognition in a world that pushes and represses and drives them down. You have the chance now to make this world perfect for all women, and all you have to do is start now, in your life, by expressing your kindness, your grace, and your strength by honoring the essential goodness and humanity in every woman you meet.

This is the time to equalize the forces of power between men and women, and to bring their power forth to bring peace and harmony to all who struggle today. Give a little more, and give some more beyond that. Because men can never solve the world's problems without women, because men are causing more of the problems than our women could ever cause. Stop fighting, stop kicking and screaming, and start being good to the women in your life.

Because they will change the world for the good. I guarantee it.

My mother wasn't always perfect, but she always tried to teach me that all people, no matter what they look like or where they come from, deserve to be heard, and deserve to be treated with respect. And for that, I will always love her.

Happy Mother's Day. Hope it's a good one.

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