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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Protestors of the Iraq War - come to the Port Mobilization Regional Meeting

Hey all of you who took part in anti-war actions at one or more ports, as well as those of you who wanted to but were a little too scared, now's your chance to get in on an important strategy meeting on how to deal with these sort of protests in the future.

Here's the straight scoop from protest organizer extroardinaire, Caitlin Esworthy:

"There will be a regional organizing meeting for people working to resist the use of our public ports to further the Iraq war. The goals of the meeting is to establish a more cohesive regional network in order to be more effective in direct action and other campaign goals.

We are working together so please think of issues, ideas, and tactics you would like to discuss. You can send agenda items to me at:

Molly Gibbs has also agreed to facilitate.

Some ideas to discuss are:

Strategizing for next time shipments come through the Port of Gray's Harbor
How to notify, ask for support when shipments come back from Iraq through Port of Olympia
Fundraising coordination for ongoing legal campaigns

Please come and work to make our movement stronger and more organized! The meeting will be held at Traditions Cafe on Sunday June 3rd, From 6-9 PM

Traditions Cafe and World Folk Art is located on 5th and Water in downtown Olympia.
300 5th Avenue SW, Olympia, WA 98501

From I-5 take the state capital exit in Olympia. Take a right on Capitol Blvd. Take a left on 5th Avenue and look for on street parking. Water and 5th is two blocks past.


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