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Sunday, May 27, 2007

State Letter Carriers defy the President, tell him not to open mail without a warrant

Well, it took several months, but we finally did it. The resolution I got passed at our local Tacoma Branch got moved up and passed at our State Convention. Now I need to get the State Labor Council to do a similar resolution opposing this practice, and we might have enough momentum to take it all the way to national.

For folks who don't know, the President has claimed in a signing statement the right to open mail without warrants in certain circumstances, to be determined by him or his agents. This is crazy. I figured that I was in a good position to oppose a policy like this, being as I'm a letter carrier and in charge of people's mail every day, so I took the initiative to get this ball rolling. Thankfully, it seems that most letter carriers agree with me and think this is bulls***. I would urge anyone who is concerned about the safety of the mail to write or call their member of Congress and demand that they oppose the opening of mail without a warrant.

Once again, the toll-free number for Congress is 1-800-862-5530. If that doesn't work, call 202-225-3121

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