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Saturday, June 16, 2007

Michael Yates, Michael Moore, Al Gore, and more!

This was one hell of a week for the Tahoma Activist. Let me tell ya, my wife and I were stretched all over Western Washington, but it was sure worth it.

Monday: Radical economist and author Michael D. Yates spoke at King's Books of Tacoma. America in Solidarity provided refreshments and got the word out, and Michael sold several books. I picked up a copy of his book, "Cheap Motels and a Hot Plate", which is awesome by the way, all about he and his wife's journey across America seeing how ordinary people are being squeezed in the Bush economy, and he even signed it. Great guy, and a very good writer. Check him out at his book tour website,

Tuesday: Finished Al Gore's new book, The Assault on Reason, which is utterly amazing. Why couldn't this guy have run for President in 2000? Oh well, he's here now and he's givin' Bush and the lame-ass corporate media a run for their money. Buy this book, and make Gore run for President!

Wednesday: Went to the Pierce County Central Labor Council meeting, where I go every second Wednesday, to hear what's going on with workers in our region and around this great nation of ours. Carpenters are on strike in Southwest Washington and Oregon, Macy's workers are still without a contract in Pierce and Thurston County, and a lot of other things are going on I don't have time to get into. Come next month and let us know what labor can do for you! Derek Kilmer, State Senator for the 26th District (Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, Bremerton), stopped by to give his report on the work done in this year's legislative session. We pushed hard to get him to expand Basic Health (our state's version of state-run healthcare) to include everybody. He seemed receptive to the idea, even mentioned that some of his colleagues are moving in that direction. Cross your fingers, and call your reps and let em know how you feel!

Randi Rhodes did a whole hour or more on Al Gore's new book, as well as that rip-roaring speech he gave last year about the Constitutional Crisis. I managed to get onto Thom Hartmann's show to pitch the Washington Public Campaigns banquet, and to raise the importance of the issue.

At the last minute, Benjamin Lawver from the Washington State Labor Council gave my wife and I two tickets to see Michael Moore in Seattle for a screening of his new film, SiCKO. This movie kicks ass. You must see it. It basically tells the story of how screwed up our health insurance system is, and then contrasts that with how incredibly sensible and amazingly supported the systems of Canada, France and Great Britain are. We must get as many people out to see this film as possible. Michael stayed after the film to answer questions, and was very cool. The one thing he said that stood out is that he wishes Hillary hadn't decided to flip and start taking big checks from the health insurance industry, and he wishes Al Gore would run for President. (Me too, Mike!)

The Washington Public Campaigns Awards Banquet, held at South Seattle Community College. This event was great, got to meet lots of interesting people. Had a tasty dessert from the dessert auction and heard a very informative speech by David Donnelly, the architect of Maine's public financing initiative drive. I would urge everyone who cares about public policy to get behind this issue. Go to right now and sign the pledge!

And of course, tomorrow is Father's Day, one of my favorite holidays bar none. My dad is one hell of a guy, a committed public servant, and a wonderful father. If you're reading this, Pops, I love you, and so do at least half of your constituents (the ones who vote, anyway). Hope you all have a great Father's Day, and keep up the good work! Pick up tickets to Michael Moore's new movie, and bring as many friends and family as you can pack into the minivan. This film could quite literally change America. Do it for you. Do it for your kids.

And if you really want to make an impact, help us at America in Solidarity put on screenings of the film across Western Washington. Call us at 253-471-1123 or email us here at Thanks, and good luck!

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