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Friday, October 20, 2006

Tell the TNT their endorsement of Reichert is total crap

This is your chance, voters, to tell your local corporate rag how much you think they suck. They can go ahead and support candidates who will continue to let the President torture and murder innocent civilians, and let the corporate criminals who do the torturing off without any accountability whatsoever, but we the People should express our outrage at this policy.

Darcy Burner may be young and inxeperienced, but she's a damn sight better than a camera-hungry Sheriff who cares more about good press than he does about doing the right thing, and holding the bad guys accountable for their crimes. George Bush is no better, in this humble writer's opinion, than Gary Ridgeway was five years into his killing spree. It's time we told the TNT what we think of their right-wing coddling of this crappy Congress. (And donated to Darcy's campaign!)

Here's my letter, in full:

"The Tribune's endorsement of Dave Reichert for Congress makes no sense. In his most recent votes, he has given the President total immunity from prosecution for illegally wiretapping Americans without warrants, for torturing detainees and holding them indefinitely without charge, and throughout his tenure in Congress has sat back and said nothing while Halliburton and other contractors steal BILLIONS in Iraq and New Orleans, all while business and government whistleblowers continue scream out loudly about this.

Reichert may be considered moderate by the editors of the TNT, who consider borrowing hundreds of billions of dollars from the Social Security Trust Fund to pay for unnecessary wars and tax cuts for billionaires "conservative", but this fiscally conservative liberal finds that position insane.

More likely, the editors of the TNT see having one "conservative" Republican in Western Washington as a good way of pleasing their wealthy, right-wing advertisers who are loath to see a Democratic Congress in charge in Washington. I think the TNT should listen to the people who subscribe to their paper instead and support a candidate who will actually work to investigate the crimes of the Administration and their corporate cronies. This election is about two words: subpeona power, and possibly one other word that the TNT is highly unlikely to mention: impeachment."

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