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Monday, March 12, 2007

Mayor will not be at Tacoma City Council meeting

I just received confirmation from Mayor Baarsma that he will not be attending tomorrow night's city council meeting. Turns out the surgery he is recovering from was pretty serious. This means that the meeting will most likely begin and end without any serious business. This means it is critical for our side to make its presence felt in a big, big way.

I am calling on all the mainline peace groups to get down there and protest the police brutality and the arbitrary "no backpacks" rule that makes no damn sense. I would hope that all peace lovers and war haters will show up at the Tacoma Muncipal building at 5 PM tomorrow at 747 Market St to raise some hell.

Bring your anti-Iraq war signs and anything else that you want to share with the citizens of Tacoma. This may be your best chance to spread the word about what's happening down on the Port.

Here's the latest news on the protest from local sources. Newest item: Olympia City Councilman TJ Johnson speaks to Democracy Now!s Amy Goodman.

Here's some handy contact info courtesy of lew at seattle indymedia:

call the mayor and then some---contacts here!
Posted by: lew mccrewd at Mar 12, 2007 00:41

Mayor of Tacoma Bill Baarsma: 253-591-5100,
City Manager Eric A. Anderson: (253) 591-5130,
Tacoma Police: 253-798-4721
Tacoma Police Public Information: 253-591-5968
Tacoma Sector Command: 253-591-5431
Tacoma Community Liaison: 253-591-5583 and 253-591-7892

City Council: 253.591.5100
Deputy Mayor Rick Talbert:
Julie Anderson:
Bill Evans:
Jake Fey:
Connie Ladenburg:
Mike Lonergan:
Spiro Manthou:
Tom Stenger:

Port of Tacoma commissioners: 253-383-9402,

Pierce County Council: (253) 798-7777

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At 3:44 PM, Anonymous Mark north tacoma said...

Of course he (mayor) and others won't be at the meeting. There is NO accountability or leadership on the entire council. Look at what others are writing about this council. Examples, Protected Brame; censor free speech at council meetings; defended Frunz v. City of Tacoma Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals case where cops break into a home, without a warrant, point a gun at a homeowner, slam her and her guests to the floor, cuff their hands, then state "never mind," and leave. Even Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Kozinski noted, "only the most misguided optimism would cause defendants, and those paying for their defense, to appeal the verdict. Surely, the citizens of Tacoma would not want to be treated in their own homes the way the jury found officers Stril, Morris and Alred treated Frunz and her guests."$file/0535302o.pdf?openelement
Accountability? The same cops are still on the job. Need more examples? Resolution 36058 upholding civil liberties and civil rights.

Other citizens that go before this same council and complain about the police or Brame (in particular) are marginalized. That is their M.O. Marginalize the speakers so as to protect thy self....


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