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Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Perfect Secrecy Storm

Given all that's taking place in our fair city this week, you would think the Tacoma City Council would do everything they could to ensure a full public meeting this Tuesday.

Not so fast.

It appears that the combination of four members being out of town and the Mayor having health issues may just keep the meeting from taking place. This is a circumstance that can only benefit our cause. I would encourage everyone who is pissed off about the arrests and brutal treatment by the cops to come to the council meeting anyway, just to raise hell. Even if they decide to close the meeting due to a lack of a quorum, we will have won another battle in the mind of the public.

At this point, most Tacomans are laying low, pretending that this situation isn't happening. But if we disrupt another meeting, this may just begin to seep into their heads.

Please contact the Mayor and encourage him to attend Tuesday's meeting. Before you do, take a minute to go over the news of the event this past week.

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At 2:28 PM, Anonymous Nancy Botta said...

I'm in Port Townsend and have been down there on 3 different occasions lending support, video, etc. You people are incredible the way you are keeping up the pressure. We will try and make it back down as often as possible but boy is it difficult to show up for late night actions and then drive back like that. Besides I'm old!!!
I am so proud of all of you. Stay well and safe.


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